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I got back into pokemon recently, and I thought "Hey, there are so many pokemon RPGs for calculators out there, why not make a trading card game instead?" So I grabbed my calc and started working. I used Pokemon TCG Online as a base for the core, but I remodeled a lot of parts to fit such a large application on a TI.

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Start page
Main menu frame
Card storage
Cards page
Deck storage
- Singleplayer
- Tournaments
Help/Credits Page

Last update: 9:47 PM 1/7/2020


Due to the complexity of the original rules, they have been changed. They are explained briefly on the help page, and in greater detail in the RULES.txt file in the download (coming soon)

Note: I will post some screenshots later(ish).
Sounds cool - I'm betting there are more than a few pokemon card collectors here that this will appeal to as well.
Nice. What’s it written in?
It is written in ICE, as I want to make it look as good as possible. There will obviously be limitations to how close it can be to the original though. I probably won't be able to use images for any of the pokemon, because that takes up too much data, and I will need to simplify some of the rules of the original game so I can store cards more effectively. Other than that, I'm trying to make it look as polished as possible, and I believe it's turning out quite well so far.
This is amazing! Wish it was for mono calcs but I might figure something out with the source code 😏. That is if you post it.
A little update: I added a help/credits page and made a RULES.txt file due to the slightly altered rules of the game. So far, I've planned out everything but have gotten stuck on 2 things, and I need you guys' opinion on them. First is how multiplayer battles will be implemented. I thought that other players could send decks from calc-to-calc as Appvars using link cables, and then handing the calc back and forth after each move. Without link cables, I'm not sure how else I could do that.
Second is the most important. How does a player gain pokemon? Sure, they can buy them from the shop, but what about starting pokemon? I thought maybe letting players choose a theme pack at the start, and then letting them play with that. Any better ideas for these two problems?

P.S. I am going on a vacation tomorrow for 5 days so I won't be able to respond probably until then.
Given you don't have a goal of selling cards, I don't think there's a lot of value in trying to gate what players have access to. Some thoughts on how to use that to make things fun (could implement some or all of these):
  • Draft format, where players choose from a randomized pool of cards (not much larger than a deck) to build a deck.
  • Don't restrict card availability at all, allowing choice from all cards, possibly subject to a few limitations (such as limiting the permitted number of cards of a given rarity class in a deck and allowing a maximum number of a single card).
  • Choice of starter decks and gain random cards ("booster packs") from victories
Each of these has fairly distinct use cases. A draft is an easy way to support multiplayer and ensure players are on equal footing, plus it sidesteps the issue of trying to transfer decks around. Unrestricted availability is good for more strategic multiplayer, but it does kind of require the ability to transfer decks for play. And gaining cards in an inventory is a good approach for singleplayer in a kind of story mode, where the challenge is to progressively make your deck stronger.

A possible additional way to support transferring decks between calculators is to support compressing a deck into a kind of password. If each card is assigned a numeric ID you could simply copy those, or slightly easier for humans you could convert to a base 36 representation to make them slightly more compact.
I want to allow players to gain booster packs after each game, but also coins so they can buy more booster packs. Starting the game off with a random pack of cards to choose from may also be a good idea for multiplayer, but I'm thinking of removing the multiplayer choice altogether, at least until ICE USB libs are available.

I'll set up the possibility of deck transfers later though. The way data is stored in deck Appvars is a username, a password (so only one user can access it), and a list of the card IDs as numbers. The max length for a deck's name is only 4 characters, so they can be stored under the name DECK<name> and accessed easier.
Is this going to be drawing any inspiration from the Gameboy RPG (Pokemon Trading Card Game
Gameboy)? That game's sequel is probably one of the best Pokemon games I've ever played.
It will not be drawing any inspiration from it, as that is a card game + adventure RPG. This game is going to be only a card game, for trading and battling using cards. The idea comes from the newer game for the PC: Pokemon TCG Online.
how many cards are going to be in the game? I saw that your going for no pictures for the cards so you could fit more, but idk how many you could make. Will there be ex and gx
I will be adding as many cards as can fit in your data due to the way it is formatted, and I will allow users to download separate pokemon "packs" for their calculator so the number of cards continually grows. And yes, there will be EX and GX, as well as break, mega, and even holo (even though they won't actually be shiny). The only limitation is the storage on a calc.

To add on to my progress, I took a 10-hour drive with my calc, so I got some things done. For one, I finished a pokemon pack for all the original 151 pokemon, and I got a system done to load them from the appvars. The only weakness of the system is that it only allows for up to 10 appvars of pokemon packs to be used at a time. I'll fix it later though. With that advancement, I got the cards page completed (except for decks Razz). I worked on some pseudo-code for the battle system and got a bit done, but it looks terrible and I might start again due to the immense amount of glitches. The avatar code is in place, but it's missing the sprites, and I can't draw people. I might have to ask someone willing to help me with that bit. That's all for now, and I'll be back soon with more updates (another 10-hour drive) and hopefully screenshots! Phew...

P.S. If someone is willing to help with sprite making, please pm me for more info.
Tiny update: I am in the middle of the 10-hour drive, and oddly the cards page stopped working completely. I ran some tests on it, but the issue is very strange. For about 1 second, the page will work properly at about 20 fps, before slowing down abruptly to 1 frame every minute. I can't find out why though... I'll try to troubleshoot a little longer, but if that fails, I will post my highly unoptimized code to see what y'all think. And if all else fails, I might just try to rewrite everything in C instead of ICE, but that's a last resort.

I also had to restart making pokemon packs due to the fact that I forgot to include a piece of valuable info for all pokemon. As I final note, I would like to say that my progress will slow down immensely as I near the end of the first semester of school. I'll be back soon with more though!
I hope you can find the issue - looking forward to more updates.
An update! Wow! I finally have some time to work on this. Testing time is over and I only have a couple projects left, so I got in a little more work. I did not find the issue I spoke of earlier, but I did find a workaround which turned out to be faster by a bit, so the cards page is working again. I did some work on battles, but no actual gameplay yet.

I did find some new glitches though. When displaying data for player stats, it says that the default value is -30177328 for some reason. Is this number special or just a weird glitch? I also can't get the getCard "function" to work for the card ID 0000, so I guess I'll change fire energy to a different value or just try a little harder to find out why.

A bit of extra news: my personal computer got fixed so I can finally get some screenshots! I will do this tomorrow hopefully if I'm not interrupted again like today.

That's all for now and I'll be back with more!
Sooo... What if I told you that 5 minutes ago I was working on getting rid of a bug that caused the program to crash, and I pressed delete instead of edit? Yep. That is exactly what happened. I was using Cesium so I could edit archived programs, and I pressed [del] [zoom], which deletes the program. It's kind of annoying that the [zoom] key both confirms deleting and is used to edit programs. Also unfortunately the latest backup I had of the program was from 4 months ago, so a lot of features lost. The one upside: that backup doesn't crash on loading the program. The downside: So. Much. EFFORT. was put into those features, and I am not exactly thrilled about having to rewrite all of them. If anyone knows how to undelete a program, I would very much like to know.
Pretty sure this program still works:
Thank Mateo if it does.
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