Note: I am using a TI-84 CE for this

I have noticed that matrices have a limit of 400 values. I am attempting to circumvent this obstacle with the use of lists. I have spent an entire day trying to get it to work, but alas, nothing works. For example, I have a 5x5 matrix:


I have translated the matrix to a list that looks like this:


Now, the problem aroused when I tried to use the function to crate an array of colors on my graph screen. The code is as follows:

ʟMATRIX(XY) "The troublemaker"
If Ans

The problem is that I cannot create a function that can accurately retrieve information from a list like a matrix. Two more of my attempts are below. The first attempt works partially, but trips up as the X and Y values grow higher.

ʟMATRIX(XY+5X(X>1) "The values start to become displaced as X goes past 5"
ʟMATRIX(5X+XY) "Dog fart"

I have reached the illustrious 'Unable To Can' level of brain processing by now, so help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
Try doing:

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