Okay, that makes sense then. I think either implementation would work fine: yours is slightly smaller, and mine needs less memory allocated for reading, but would have a larger appvar size (by 3 bytes per string).
Well, I actually need both: one appvar where I read it all into one variable and another where I read it bit-by-bit, so I'll be using both ideas.
Back to this pretty ancient thread! I haven't had an ICE question for a while, but I have found a brand new one. I was making a new game (mostly a plan at the moment) and I created a pretty large tileset and made a large map in Tiled. I was getting ready to compile the images into an AppVar when I got the error that the output appvar was too large. I soon realized that the image I was trying to compile was twice as large as the max image size. I didn't want to throw away all the work I'd already done, so I wanted to figure out if it was possible to create a tilemap in ICE using two appvars, one for each half of the image. If it is possible, how would I go about doing it?

As extra, here are the tile sets and the beautiful map.
Main Tileset:

Overlay Tileset:

The Lovely Map:

(click to view full size)
Unfortunately, no.
Alternatively, you could store the sprite data for each tile separated by null terminators in several AppVars and then access each tile by reading the AppVar that it is in at index ((Width*Height)+3)*TileNumber (Starting at 0).
The downside to this method is slightly larger overall size and inability to use ICE's tilemap commands.
It would probably be easier to just reduce the amount of tiles in the tileset.
At least in C, I know you can create tilemaps that have a smaller image size than the space between tiles, which allows you to fit two tilemaps together. You would just have to take the left half of each tile and the right half of each tile and make them into their own tilesets, then run the tilemap command twice with a custom width equal to the actual tile width, with an offset on the x axis for the right half.
It is totally possible! Just you'll need to write a custom sprite loading routine.
Also lowering the resolution of the tileset would help Razz
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