Should I persue creation of the CALCnet box?
 66%  [ 8 ]
 8%  [ 1 ]
Need more details
 25%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 12

So a couple days ago, I had the most fantasticabulous idea. Remember how the GameBoy had link cables, that also had an extra port for daisychaining? Well, what if we had a similar thing for calcs? So here's my idea for that.

Custom PCB with 4 2.5mm and a Mini USB OTG. It's running CALCnet along with some extra code, that allows you to also plug in external devices, as well as a 84+CE or anything else with MiniUSB. On the side of this box, there would be magnetic plugs to allow you to daisychain multiple together, similar to these: LittleBits

-Supports 83, 83+, 83+SE, 84, 84+, 84+SE, 84+CE, 84+CSE
-Cross-compatible with any type of calc at once (yes, technically even color to monochrome)
-Maximum of 5 total calcs connected at once (per box)
-Infinite calcs connected at once (given you have infinite boxes)

-It's a niche product
-It could be expensive
-It's not like I own a factory to roll these things out quickly

Above is a poll. I am looking to see if I made this product, would anyone buy it, or at least support it via donations?
I would definetly buy one of these if it isnt too expensive. The main problem is that there will be no other calculators that have this and it would be basicly ussless. Please excuse my spelling (:
USB isn't a parallel protocol. No idea how you expect to do this.
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