I'm trying to connect my TI-84+ SE to the internet. I installed the gCn client on my laptop (which has Gallium OS on it), installed everything the readme said to, I have Doors CS 7.2 on my calculator. I installed Gossamer and I used the command to run gCn client:

"sudo ./gcnclient_ubuntu -n WebHub -l MyClient -d direct"

and it gives me:

"Info: Using default server host gcnhub.cemetech.net
Info: Using default port 4295
Direct USB connection created successfully."

I make sure the calc is at the home screen and turned on btw. Then, I go to gossamer, it is stuck on the loading screen for a long time, then I get:

"Unable to bind TCP socket to virtual hub [Socket Bind Error]"

Are the servers even still up and running for Gossamer and gCn Chat? :(
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