Hello. I was wondering if someone can help me out with this program. I am currently running into issues with my variation of Memory. The issue is when all the pairs are completed and I need the code to register that all of the pairs are gone and as a result, the player has won the game. This part is mentioned in the code. The other issue is that I can't seem to randomize the variables for each card (i.e. instead of card two being just b, make it random between a,b,c,d without that variable being picked for other cards
This is on a TI-92, so the code is quite a bit different. I did one with two pairs to start in order to be able to efficiently duplicate the code later.
The code is displayed below. Feel free to optimize the code and give suggestions on how to improve and well as solutions to the problems presented.
Also, feel free to use and distribute the code. I, however, am not responsible for malicious use of this code or for any other inappropriate purposes this code may be used for.

: htpmem1()
: Local a,b,c,d
: rand(10)-->a
: a-->c
: c=a
: rand(10)-->b
: b-->d
: b=d
: Lbl p
: Loop
: Input "Select first card", e
: If e=1 then
: Disp "Card one",a
: EndIf
: If e=2 then
: Disp "Card two",b
: EndIf
: If e=3 then
: Disp "Card three,c
: EndIf
: If e=4 then
: Disp "Card four", d
: EndIf
: Input "Second Card",f
: If f=1 then
: Disp "Card one",a
: EndIf
: If f=2 then
: Disp "Card two",b
: EndIf
: If f=3 then
: Disp "Card three,c
: EndIf
: If f=4 then
: Disp "Card four", d
: EndIf
: Input "Did you find a match?",h
: If h=c or h=a then
: DelVar a
: DelVar c
: EndIf
: If h=b or h=d Then
: Delvar b
: Delvar d
: Goto q (://Issue with cards, as have to be in specific order and cannot use variable recall because
 variables do not exist)
: EndIf
: EndLoop
: Lbl q
: Input "play again?",i
: If i=0 then
: Goto p
: EndIf
: If i=1 Then
: Disp "Thanks for playing!"
: EndIf
: EndPrgm
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