I have a TI-84 CE, and I realized I have disadvantages. There are programs that I want that are made for different models. I have a few solutions, and I want advice about them.

1. Install a program that allows TI-83/84 programs to run

2. Take the codes for the games and edit them so they are CE compatible.

If you have any other solutions or advice, please let me know. Thanks.
TI-83/84 BASIC programs should run straight on the CE. Assembly programs cannot be executed.
The CE has a wonderful existing library of games and other software. Porting games from older calculators (with the possible exception of the TI-84 Plus CSE) is not easily possible. To that extent, it is better to rewrite games for the CE. You can take advantage of the great C SDK as well as the faster processor and color capabilities.
TI-83/84 programs that use the graph screen don't work on the CE because its screen is larger. You can fix that for some programs by adjusting the numbers used as coordinates in the Text( and other graph commands so that things are displayed correcty. Programs that do not use the graph screen should work fine on the CE.
I don't remember where, but I saw a similar topic on this somewhere on Cemetech. The project attempted to create a TI-83/84 emulator on a TI-84 pce, but never got past the planning stage. I'm kinda sad that it was abandoned because it seemed like a really good idea.
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