I'm thinking about buying an older Nspire calculator (no colored screen, I think it's just called "TI-Nspire with Touchpad"), but I'm wondering about whether it's worth it.

How is coding on it? I know it has a kind of basic, but can you create asm programs or applications on it? What kind of software has been made for it? Any shells, or something of the sort?

I've heard of a kind of jailbreak for Nspire calcs. Is that possible on this one?

All I really need to know is if it's a good device to code on, and if there's a reason to get it alongside my 84 plus.
As Adriweb and others wrote on IRC, not really worth it nowadays. This model is a decade old, and its screen is quite bad.
The TI-nSpire CAS (black-and-white) accomplishes all CAS type computations in addition to standard TI-graphing calculator operations. There's a bit of a learning curve if you've never used a an nSpire before (due to the different tokens and the lack of user-friendliness you see on the other TI-Graphing Calculators). I own a TI-nSpire CAS a TI-nSpire CX (which I changed to have CAS abilities), and a TI-nSpire CX II CAS.

nSpire Basic sucks, and you should only program Lua on it if you already know it. Regarding Assembly, I think programming the TI83+ (z80) or TI84+CE (ez80) would be a much better use of your time. For doing math with for school, I would recommend it if your on a tight budget (grabbed mine on Amazon for under $30) and since it has CAS abilities, it will help a lot in higher level math classes. Regarding programming, I advise to look elsewhere. If it doesn't even have CAS abilites, as Debroux said, its not really worth much.
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