For the uninitiated, Abba Caving is a winner-takes-all timed ore-mining minigame we play within Minecraft. The full rules, scoring, and some match results from our previous server:

There's been talk of an Abba caving match for tonight around 7pm EDT (about 2.5 hours hence). We'd need a reasonable critical mass of players who read and understand the rules in this thread, as well as an admin to pick out a good cave system for us. Who's interested and available?

Edit: With apologies and a hat-tip to ElementalVis/CJSprinkle for producing a summary that is a pale shadow of his masterpieces:

Abba Returns to Cemetech MC
Abba Caving - 02 September 2019

A relatively spontaneous round was held this last Labor Day Monday, after what may be up to 3+ years since the last match was held on the server. The absence of our friend and long-time player ElementalVis over the last few years has meant many fewer Abba matches, so for many of the players who joined today, it was their first time ever playing in an Abba Caving match. This didn't mean the scores were by any means low; in fact, we had some of our highest scores ever. Six players competed in a 30-minute match, tifreak8x, LittleMoonBeam, iPhoenix, Amper5and, KermM, and GregsAStar. ACagliano did the honors to find a starting cave system in a new Abba world and help distribute the winnings (we followed past precedent and did an 80-20 split). It's hard to compare our scores with old games, where the scores rarely crested 1000 points, because to my memory those were often shorter (20-minute?) matches. Check back soon for new match announcements, or if there's a weekend or holiday or simply evening coming up where you think a lot of people might be available for a brief match, feel free to try to start the momentum yourself!

Event Statistics:
1st Place - 1218 Points - GregsAStar
2nd Place - 1217 Points - tifreak8x & LittleMoonBeam
4th Place - 1091 Points - Amper5and
5th Place - 839 Points - iPhoenix
6th Place - 802 Points - KermM

Average Score - 1064 Points
Median Score - 1154 Points

Congratulations on an enthusiastic and cutthroat match, to GregsAStar for his impressive performance, and to tifreak8x and LittleMoonBeam for what must surely be a disappointing second place.
Wow that is seriously close!
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