Because what everyone needs right now is... another treasure hunt...

Come one come all to my thanksgiving table!

Hunt Instructions, and starting clues will be presented at the table. Please read the book and both signs. For reference, rules will be re-stated here.

1) You get one hunt only. No exceptions. Once you find a box, please return to the table and remove your gold plate. Please do not attempt to find another box.

2) You may not ask me for help; You *may* ask others for help or work in pairs. But keep in mind if two people find a box, Rule #1 applies to both.
Anything else we should know? Is there a timeframe for this (already started, and goes until all the boxes are found, for example)? Should we expect that the form of this hunt is similar to your previous one in how the clues are formulated?
Both commandblockguy and I have found boxes- Copy and paste this challenge was lots of fun. Both boxes had 3 wither skeleton skulls, a fortune 4, unbreaking 4, curse of vanishing iron pick, a fireaspect 1, loyalty 3 trident, a stack of gold ore, 16 diamond ore, some "overcooked turkey", and some more food. My box had a spawner token, while cbg's box had 4 end crystals. Oof. Resuming normal text somewhere to see what was in them!
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