It's been a while, but it's time to bring back the Halloween themed Mansion that I had set up on the previous map of the Cemetech MC server. Perhaps this will bring back some memories..

This year, I've made a few changes to where things are, and how dangerous some aspects can be. Sadly, as life has been quite full, I've not made all the changes I like, but I think the differences will be fairly noticeable.

Anyways, on to the rules!

1) Requires a team of 3-4 people!
2) No elytra. Bring good armor, but not something that will devastate you if you lose.
3) No items that cause teleportation. Your inventory will be checked before you start the match.
4) Admins will NOT repair any parts of redstone circuitry if it gets blown up. Your job is to make sure each area is secure as it can be before focusing on something else. So if something vital gets destroyed, you may not be able to continue the event.
5) No attacking teammates. Cooperation is extremely important to push through to the end, so no killing teammates.
6) Once you die, that's it, you will not be brought back into the event.
7) No sharing your experiences with other players until after all teams make it through.

If you guys want to record this and post it up somewhere, it is greatly encouraged you do so! I put a lot of my time and effort into building this map, and would greatly appreciate the extra viewings of it Wink

If you all have any questions, please feel free to ask.

I am tentatively setting the start date for next weekend (10/26/2019) pending I can ensure we have someone with backend server access online and available to clone the world folder so we can set up some players to get through.

Make sure you get with your friends and see about setting up some teams by then! You've got less than a week to get yourselves sorted for this. Smile

Oh, and this event will set you into adventure mode. Please keep that in mind when preparing..
I for one am very excited to give the new version a try. Since it has been two years (?) since I played it last, I don't remember exactly how it goes, other than that it was a significant challenge and my team almost managed to prevent itself from getting to the final stage. Anyone interested in being on a team together for a Wednesday (10/30) night run?
*bump* Although Halloween has come and gone, I still want to undertake a mission through the Mansion World, and I need the best of the best to help me do so. Who's up for it, either on a weekday night EST or a Saturday afternoon/night?
I'd love to be able to run this through, or at least watch some people run through it. Just make sure you have 3ish hours to give for this run. Sadly, my only available days are Saturday and Sunday evenings.
*bumpity bump* Any takers? I'd really like to do this soon.
I think the hiccup with people doing this this year is the time versus availability. Perhaps, would you consider, setting up checkpoints for players. So if they get to one, they can quit, and then resume from that point later?
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