So, as Cemetech Contest 23 has recently met the deadline, it's time for me to move on to my next project. Introducing Black Jack 84!

Today, I realized that the classic game of Black Jack (sometimes known as 21) is a very fun, yet simple, game to play and make. I then got home and checked, and sure enough, no one has made this before for the 84+ (to my awareness). If there is a version on cemetech currently, please let me know, but anyway, without further delay, Black Jack 84:

This game will be made in pure TI-Basic, and with just over 1 hour of work so far, I have made a home screen and home menu. I don't usually make elaborate home screens, but I put some more effort into it than normal. This project shouldn't take me too long, and once I finish I am currently planning on revamping it for the TI 84 plus CE. Any and all suggestions are welcome, as always, and finally, here is what I have so far into this project:

PS: This is actually my first game in the graph menu of a calculator, if you can believe it! All of my previous games/programs have been on the home screen. Hopefully this will give me good experience with the new commands. (Because of this, if I'm unaware of some command that somehow makes all of this easier, please let me know.) Good Idea

To Do List:
Main Menu - Complete
Custom Controls - Incomplete
Help Menu - 50% Complete
2 Player Mode - Incomplete
Single Player - Incomplete
Betting (single player only) - Incomplete

More specific to do's:
Dealer AI - Incomplete
Card Randomization - 50% Complete
Special Win Condition Check - Incomplete
Card Display - 50% Complete
In-game interface - Incomplete
This is looking really good so far, nice work!

It's funny, I actually just finished my own 84 plus TI-Basic Blackjack game, and was going to put that in the archives soon, but I don't see anything wrong with there being multiple versions of it. So far, the menu screen looks awesome, and I 'm really excited to see what the rest of the program will look like.

As for graphscreen commands, TI Basic Developer has a ton of useful information. Other than that, I'm sure that people around here, including myself, would be happy to help out.

Anyway, good luck with the rest of the game and I can't wait to play it!
I worked for another hour and a half or so, and got another sizable update! I added the initial card generation for the dealer and the player, and added a neat little animation for the cards going into the hands. As you can see, there is no display of the suit, as there is not really of purpose for the extra code, as suits don't effect the game in any way. There is a possibility later in the game to get more than 5 of one card (for example 5 aces) but this theoretically will only occur 1 in every 370,000 or so (so in other words I don't care right now, but I might fix this later).

Here is the animation for the opening deal (the blank card represents the card flipped over [in black jack only 1 of the dealers opening cards is revealed until the very end], and the thing in the middle is supposed to be a card stack.):

Smaller updates:
I added the beginning of the help menu, more will be added later, most likely custom control changes.

I added a way to select your game mode (1 or 2 players) (this can be seen in the beginning of the screenshot as the rectangle around the 1, the arrow keys can choose between the 2 and the 1)
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