noti-ez80 + BOS
Coming to an emulated CE near you!

I have recently coupled noti-ez80 and BOS into an open-source, free and distributable ROM image for use with CEmu!
BOS github repo
Read the provided readme for instructions on how to compile. User instructions coming soon.
Additionally, BOS can run programs from a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive! This method is how BOS updates. Currently the updater only updates the OS sectors and not system files. I also plan to make a software for transferring programs and etc to/from BOS.
In order to utilize BOS's USB functionality however, (which to my knowledge only works on Linux) you will need to build the usb-host branch of CEmu.

Also, BOS can be installed to physical hardware, But be warned!
Installing BOS to your physical calc may cause your calc to crash repeatedly, or even become inoperable.
Installing BOS will also wipe both your calculator's RAM and Archive.
If your calculator crashes and appears to no longer work, hold [on]+[2nd]+[del] while pressing the rest button found on the back of the calculator. This will hopefuly put the calc into OS recieval mode. From there, send back the TIOS using TI-Connect CE or TiLP.

If BOS functions and boots into the welcome screen, pressing [del] followed by [enter] will uninstall BOS and automatically go into OS recieval mode.

If you understand the risk and still wish to proceed, simply transfer and run BOSOS.8xp to install.

TL;DR, BOS is currently unstable and should not be used on any physical hardware!
You have been warned.
you will need to build the usb-host branch of CEmu

Wait, how do you do that?

Edit: My Windows Defender blocked me from running the batch file in the ZIP, but according to VirusTotal, nothing picked up any malicious code.
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