I'm planning to make a project with a dragon on the CE!
It's going to be a program where you have to take care of a dragon.
You have to do some stuff like caring the scales and (maybe) feeding the dragon.
If you don't do something in time, the dragon might become grumpy.
And the dragon is going to be able to say stuff!
Much elements of the dragon comes from a book, and today I've got permission for that!
The book series I'm basing stuff off is: Dragan Duma, by Patty van Delft.

I haven't made anything yet, but the idea is getting more detailed every day!
It's going to be a huge project for me, but I hope I'll get it done.
I still need to find a satisfying dragon picture to use, but I'm working on that.
But for now I'll reread the books to gather quotes for the dragon to say!
Ooh, sounds neat! A kind of virtual pet simulator type thing?
Yes, it's going to be a sort of virtual pet thing, but at some points it might be different.
Most of that virtual pet programs let you give apples or candy's as far as I know, this one not.
Here you'll give your dragon something like sheep for example.
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