Hey everybody!

Over the past year or so I've been on-and-off writing small projects for the CE, but I've only said anything about them on discord really. So I figured I'd start posting about them! Laughing


Right now there's only 3 folders in there, but I'll add more as time goes on and I find things that interest me . Smile

Fire Effect

Conway's Game of Life

Mesh Demo

The demos look great - I particularly like the 2D mesh demo, it runs nice and fast Smile.
Been a while, but now that school's been out for a bit I've been working a bit more on some graphics style stuff Smile

You can find them on Github here

Mode 7 Demo
Inspired by the similar project by tr1p1ea.

Textured Triangle Demo
This one is rather new, so I'll probably update it more later.

Uses an affine texturing method (constant texture gradients in the x and y directions)
Awesome work again! I obviously like the mode7 demo Smile.

The textured triangle one is great too!
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