What is the best completed project of April 2019?
68k Latin to English Translator
 50%  [ 2 ]
LoopOver CE
 50%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 4

This month was a slower month for individual projects, with CC22 in full swing and finals ramping up. Nonetheless, a number of great projects were worked on this month! Here's the lineup for April 2019:

  • 68k Latin to English Translator: Sam's project "68k Latin to English Translator" is a Latin translation program for the Voyager 200. It works by searching its database for a translated version of the words you input to it, but it is not quite that simple. The thread contains a detailed explanation of the program and how it works, so I highly recommend checking it out!
  • Android CE: This month, Cemetech member calclover2514 worked hard on his version of "the world’s most popular mobile OS, now re-created on the TI 84 Plus CE"! The shell sports a fancy UI, customizable backgrounds, and lots of useful settings! You can find more information in the thread.
  • BOSshell: beckadamtheinventor's project "BOSshell" is a new shell for the TI-84+CE! It features a custom interpreted language called "BOS-BASIC". He's been working on a complete rewrite of the project, and we can't wait to see how it turns out! Go show beckadamtheinventor some love and support!
  • Calculatormon CE: fbdajh's project "Calculatormon CE" is a very, very cool pokemon remake. It features full sprites, engaging battle, and the thread sports a cool video! It looks like fbdajh is making lots of progress!
  • Hex grid war game in TI Basic: Loganb128's project "Hex grid war game in TI Basic" is a very fancy TI-Basic game based on a hexagonal grid. Similar to the Civilization series of games, it has combat planned and cool graphics. We can't wait for future updates!
  • Star Trek: As you can tell from the title, Star Trek is ACagliano's multiplayer star trek simulator. It has a load of really cool features, including a ton of incredible graphics! This month, he blew us away with a fancy UI and told us about a bunch of new updates he made behind-the-scenes. Check out the thread to see it for yourself!
  • LoopOver CE: From matkeller19, LoopOver CE is a 2d Rubik's cube for the CE. Written in C, it has you rotate rows of numbers to solve a 2d puzzle. This is all very cool stuff, you find a download in the thread!
  • Skyrim CE: This month, Cemetech member kg583 made a lot of progress on his "program like no other"! It has cutscenes, loads of regions, incredible graphics for a TI-BASIC game of this scale, and much, much more. So much more, in fact, we can't even put it all here. It looks interesting, so go check the thread out!
  • Superstar Hero: xlibman has been trying to complete his awesome futuristic RPG set in Quebec City. This month, he released a new update adding new music, fixing old bugs, and more! This update is super exciting, check the thread for more details!

That's all folks! Remember to take a look at the threads before voting in the poll for this month. Like always, the winner of the poll for this month will have a chance to be voted as the 2019 Project of the Year!
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