So right now I'm probably working on my weirdest coding project yet. At school, my friends and I often use a shared google doc to chat during class. (shh)

Anyways, communicating on a google doc can be tough. Things get disorganized, there are problems if multiple people try to type at the same time, etc.. So I decided to use google apps script to add code to a google spreadsheet that will allow for a simple chat program. The basic concept is that each person in the group will have their own page/sheet, where they will see all of the previous messages and a box where they can type. All of the pages will be updated when someone sends a message. So far, I have most of the framework for sending the message and updating that page, but I am still working on syncing the pages. I am also planning on adding a "sign-in" page that opens when the doc is loaded from which you can put your name as will show up in the chat. Here is what the sheet looks like so far:

I don't think this project will take very long to complete, but I will add a few updates, and maybe post a video of the project when it gets to more of a working state.
Also, if anyone has any experience with google apps script: If I have a script bound to my sheet, and that sheet is shared with someone, will the script run on their document?
Okay, I've finished up the syncing between sheets, and am currently working on something that will "set up" the sheet by deleting all of sheets for each person and adding one for each person on a list entered by the user, so someone can change the people on the chat, and also someone could get a copy and set it up for themselves. I think I'm pretty close to being done with this project, so when it's done I'll add a video and post a link to a sheet that can be copied.
The amount of innovation that comes from doing things that aren't exactly 'above board' is always impressive Razz.

Have you ever had any close calls?
What do you mean by close calls?

Also, I think I'm done with this project at this point. I used it today and it worked perfectly. Smile

If anyone actually has any interest in this, here is a link to the spreadsheet. When you open it, you'll need to wait a bit for it to load (wait until the cursor moves next to cell C4). When it fully loads, on the bottom of the screen, select the page "How to." This will give the instructions to set up the document for yourself.

Let me know if there are any problems with it, because there probably will be.
Close calls as in have you come close to being caught using this to chat by a teacher?

Either way nice work.
Oh yeah, Very Happy Absolutely. Still totally worth it though.
Yes, scripts bound to a Google Sheet will run for anyone who has access to that sheet, provided they have the necessary permissions to execute the script. You might need to manage permissions and triggers specifically for new users.

Your project is essentially developing a mvp. What does mvp stand for in software development? It is about creating a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development.
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