A few years ago I started rewriting a game that I wrote even longer ago called Desolate. After recently recovering the source I have been working through the code trying to figure out where I was at.

I have successfully ported this program to a 2-page APP ... meaning that I have some extra data space to play with Smile.

I also managed to find a copy of the map editor posted earlier which is nice. I have updated it slightly and mapped all the doors in the game so you can at least walk around the entire map now.

I have also properly implemented shooting and allowed for different weapons that shoot different looking projectiles, firing rates and bullet speeds. I also plan on having a laser weapon that shoots an instant line (and some other surprises hopefully Smile).

Along with fixing a lot of bugs that I've encountered - hopefully I can keep at it.

Wow... That grayscale engine and reflections... Very well done! Can't wait to see where this goes. Keep up the good work! Smile
It's 8lvl grayscale and all sprites can be reflected as long as they are above a reflective tile. That being said in an emulator it looks perfect, on calc it still needs some tuning.

I guess this is one of those projects that I really want to finish before life fully takes over and I lose the time to code! Smile.
Wow, that is really amazing. Wouldn't having reflections cause some signifigant slowdown? Also, how far along is this to a release? Razz
Thanks Smile. The reflections are more of a trick however so the speed is pretty good.

The game plays pretty well as seen in the screenshot, and it's only running at 6MHz.
Wow,only at 6MHz!?! What woud happen if it was runnong 15 as is? Everything woud be fast paced?
I'd love to play Desolate as an app Smile I always had difficulty keeping enough RAM free to finish a play through.
Have I mentioned how great this looks? For bonus points, I'd be really curious to see how easy this would be to port to the TI-84 Plus CE by replacing the grayscale engine with 2bpp palletized gray.
Dude, you have no idea how many hours I wasted playing this game at night. I love it!

Kerm wrote:
For bonus points, I'd be really curious to see how easy this would be to port to the TI-84 Plus CE by replacing the grayscale engine with 2bpp palletized gray.

Let's see how I go at finishing it on the monochrome calcs before we talk about porting. The graphics are 3bpp at present so looks wise it could get pretty close ... the code on the other hand ... :S.

Work continues and I have turned the game into an APP due to size restrictions so there is a little more freedom to move now.

I have also included a Cemetech themed eater egg in the game Smile.

EDIT - The EE that I included comes after the completion of a puzzle. Once you repair the generator which in-turn allows you to operate the workstation (which spits out the data cart with the lvl2 access code), if you look at the workstation again it shows the text:

"The screen reads 'Welcome to DoorsCS v9001 alpha'."

As an homage to Cemetech Smile.

Updated screenshot show puzzle completion and EE below:

That looks extremely cool, tr1p1pea! As Mateo said on IRC, that reflection on the tiles looks superb. I of course love that easter egg; thanks for adding it. Smile
I *think* I'm finally happy with the way in which puzzles are handled in this game. Now I will be able to flesh out the map with items, puzzles and stuff and run some trials to ensure that everything is solvable.

Next up will be enemies and their relevant behaviours. In the original game there were only 2 types of enemies ... I'm hoping to have a few more than that to make the game more challenging Smile.
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