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Hello, I am not understanding why my program crashes occasionally when using realloc.
Here is the code:

void insertMem(uint8_t **ptr, unsigned char data, uint16_t size) {
   int i;
   uint8_t *temp = state.baseData; //pointer to old data location
   unsigned int offset = *ptr - state.baseData;
   unsigned int lineOffset = state.topLinePointer -  state.baseData;
   state.baseData = (uint8_t*)realloc(state.baseData, size + 1);
   if(state.baseData == NULL) {
      gfx_PrintStringXY("Error Realloc",0,232);
      // add save here

   // relocated pointers
   *ptr = state.baseData + offset;
   state.topLinePointer = state.baseData + lineOffset;

   // move data upwards
   for(i = size+1; i > offset; i--) {
      state.baseData[i] = state.baseData[i-1];
   (*ptr)[0] = data;

This line is where it crashes:

state.baseData = (uint8_t*)realloc(state.baseData, state.size + 1);

Using CEmu, I have found out that the program crashes from within the realloc routine. I made sure that I am not passing a NULL pointer and it only crashing every once and a while. CEmu says the reset is triggered from writing to privileged flash and possibly caused by "a null pointer dereference."

Thanks for the help
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