So I have been digging around the internet for the last few hours reading different forums, I have been unable to fix my issue.

Things I have tried:
1. Turning on and off
2. Removing just the batteries
3. Removing all batteries including the backup (small circular battery), when doing so I received a "ram cleared" message but could still only press on.
4. Tried the 2nd, left, right, on and holding to try and reset.
5. Connecting with another Ti-84 and sending the OS to my stuck calculator (received an error)
6. Tried plugging it into my computer and it doesn't seem to recognize the device, or at least when I click on it, no options appear.

I am at a loss and would love an assistance, thank you so much!

Also: I can press every button down and it comes back up as if none of them appear to be stuck down.

Mr. Math
In the future, you should just edit your last post when nobody else has replied to it in such a short period of time Razz

Anyways, have you tried pulling all your batteries, putting three in, and hold [DEL] while inserting the last battery?
You have something stuck in the link port. (The little I/O jack on the top of the calculator, not the USB port).
@Xeda, yes I have tried that, and it did not seem to do anything. The screen just stayed off the whole time.

@Mateo, I am expecting the I/O jack currently; however, it looks like there is nothing in there. I will try and insert the cord to see if it goes.
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