For my CC23 entry, I would like to create a game in the spirit of the "I Spy" books and CD-ROM games. My entry will likely be more like an interactive "I Spy" book rather than including an environment that the PC games offered to navigate between searches.

My entry will be written in Haskell using SDL2 bindings Gloss (Layer on top of OpenGL). I hope to release it for Windows and Linux (and maybe Mac if someone with a Mac is nice enough to compile it for me). But Greg, why Haskell??? I'm not sure why I did this to myself either.

Justification of theme: In an "I Spy" puzzle, items are hidden among other items in a stealthy manner. My game just takes the reverse approach to what I expect most entries will do, instead of trying to remain hidden the player will be uncovering what is hidden. (I also checked with Jeffitus who consulted _iPhoenix_ and they approved.)

Update 1:
I have set up my environment using Haskell Stack.
Source for my project can be found at:

I realized that SDL2 did not do quite what I needed it to do, so I decided to switch to OpenGL. Raw OpenGL is a little overkill for what I need though, so I decided to try a library called Gloss https:// I have made a little progress on my game today, after not really having much time in the past few weeks. Hopefully by later tonight I will have something to show off screenshot-wise. My code is up-to-date in github though Smile
Neat, this sounds like a good idea! Good luck!
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