So, I scrapped my old idea for the contest (it wasn't good anyway), and now I've got a new one that has been confirmed by the judges of fitting in the category; though I will try my best to fit it in the category as much as possible (as many ways as possible). Here is my idea/concept:

A game with a similar start mechanic as Pink Panther Jewelry Heist (the arcade game) with spy elements mixed in including codes and sneaking around and stuff. It will be set in a tower (probably of an evil villain or something) and you will be running down the tower as fast as possible (faster=better score). Along the way, a code will be shown number by number (or letter, whatever it happens to be). (All things after this are susceptible to change) Then at the bottom of the tower, you will need to hack into a computer (using the code you got) and steal information. Then the game ends giving you a score.

Feedback/additional ideas to implement would be appreciated!
You stole my backup plan...

It's okay though, I really like the Pink Panther game, I used to play it at an arcade my dad would take my siblings and I to once or twice a year. Good luck!
First update:

Official name of the game introduced:
Spy Tower

New code changes:

Added the drop system (beginning). All the holes are randomized (some are hard to see as there is no border yet). Whenever the ball (read story changes) goes over the hole, it drops through onto a new layer. I added a small amount of animation in for the dropping (it will look better later on when it goes slower, I only made it fast to see if it would work). Here is what I've done so far:

Story Changes:

I'm starting to develop the story of the game, and here is what I have so far (a full version will be posted once the game is finished):

You're a spy, tasked with stealing information from an evil villains headquarters. You send a remote controlled ball (sphero-like thing) down the ventilation shafts of the building to hack into the main computer system. You must make your way down the tower using the ball as quickly as you can, while also paying attention to the information you overhear through the vents, as it may come in handy later on...
So, after 30 more minutes of work on the game (I haven't had much time), I actually have a sizable update to share:

I added a main menu to the game (not 100% finished, but it is almost there) that is fully functioning.

I added borders to the drop part of the game. (not that exciting)

I began implementing custom settings and the custom settings menu. Custom settings as of right now will include: presets of difficulties (for changing quickly), change in amount of layers (how many times you drop through), and how hard the trivia of the memory game thing will be.

For the last of the custom settings I mentioned, I plan on having it change what is being displayed while dropping. Some examples include: for easy mode just single digits, for a harder mode having location (position like left or right) also included, and maybe also multiple digit numbers.

My next update will most likely include a video of these changes since I don't have one right now. By that time I should have the main menu completed along with the settings menu completed.
So I made some more progress, this time only relatively minor things:

I fixed some bugs in the dropping part of the game. Most of the bugs had to do with glitches in the animation when falling or something like that.

I finished the custom settings menu. It isn't anything special, but it is functional and looks nice. Presets of the settings are included, but you can mix and match to make your own!

My next post will most likely be whenever I get time later this week (if I get any).
I got some time today, and added the different number generations for different difficulties. For hard difficulty, I made sure that numbers can't generate on top of each other. I also implemented number and position storage at the same time, so I don't have to worry about it later.

Sorry for the lack of screenshots, I will be posting one most likely tomorrow.
This looks good so far. It's refreshing to see a BASIC entry in contrast to the ones using more powerful languages like ICE and C. Although it is definitely a weaker language, it can still be used to create some impressive results, and overcoming its limitations can be a very rewarding challenge. Keep it up!
So... I've been working.

Long story short, I didn't notice the deadline was pushed back a week until after I stayed up an extra few hours to finish... I hate procrastination. Anyway, I added a lot of features, including a grading system after you take the test part. And guess what? I have screenshots! Here they are:

Settings menu and startup:

Gameplay, test, and grading:

Now that I know I have an extra week to work on this, I will mostly just check for bugs an other things like that. If you would like to check out the game ahead of time, here is a link.
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