I'm sure a decent number of people here recall this gem:

Spy vs. Spy, a Mad cartoon all about two spies trying to foil each others' plans. My idea is a sort-of puzzle stealth game where you control both the Black and White spies as they engage in their secret missions. The catch? Both spies have been given the same mission, and neither can risk being spotted by the other, nor any of the villain's guards or security cameras. They're'll be all kinds of traps and defenses to navigate, as well as "cooperative" puzzles; I envision the layout being a rather linear progression of randomly-generated rooms (progressing in difficulty).

This will all be done in TI-Basic with mostly ASCII-based graphics. I'm not sure exactly how I'll turn the spies' movement into a puzzle (my initial thought is that the spies move until they reach a wall, but can't be in line-of-sight of the other spy or any cameras), but I'll post when I've got the idea solidified (I am also open to suggestions here).
Yes I remember this - it sounds very ambitious given the timeline!
In case it wasn't already obvious from the lack of activity on this thread, my entry is no more. Good luck to the other entrants!
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