I don't know if any more entries were submitted, but I do know that the results come out on the 21st.
epsilon5 wrote:
How many entries were received for the contest? As far as I know, only me, Argus, matkeller19, and Captain Calc submitted programs. Am I missing anyone?

Also, any timeline for when the results will be posted? No rush, but Iím looking forward to seeing how I did.

There were 5 entries, you're missing bdoggamer.

Argus wrote:
results come out on the 21st.

That's basically correct. The results might come out earlier, though, depending on how quickly we get the judging done- we don't want to rush it, however.
Unfortunately, due to unforseen complications, the results of the judging will have to be postponed by one day. I'm sorry to all the eagerly waiting participants Sad.
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