Hi folks! I've noticed that the "Z80 Optimized Routines" threads and their equivalents on various sites aren't very easy to navigate. I am starting a repository on GitHub in the hopes of addressing these three issues:

▪ Organization! "Is this routine documented? What page is it on?
▪ Collaboration! "Is there a better version later in the thread? On what page!? Here is yetanotherversion!"
▪ Cleanliness! "What is this random request doing in the middle of the thread?"

I initialized the repository here.

My plan is to start porting Cemtech's thread, Omnimaga's thread, UnitedTI's thread, Z80 Heaven's routines, and my private routines folder.

If you want to help port documentation, I only ask that you cite the original author if possible, except when the original author doesn't care to be cited. If you want to add your own routines, keep it organized! And please, if you see an optimization, please make it!

A final note: I think it would be great to have an eZ80 and TI-BASIC repository, too, but I don't think I'm up for maintaining that!

EDIT: Cemetech's Useful Routines thread is ported, as well as my own routines that I thought were useful Smile

EDIT: Finished porting from the other sites. Currently have about 140 files, now time to clean it up. But that'll be another day.
A very good initiative Xeda, well done!

Also some of those routines go waaaaaaay back! Very Happy.
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