Intergalactic Space Taxi Starfury GO!
This project was supposed to be my CC22 entry, but that never really panned out and probably wasn't going to no matter how and when I would do it. The main idea was to fly a fully customizable ship on missions around the galaxy, shooting the bad guys and maybe getting stuff from point A to point B. I planed for the playable portion of the game to be a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up, with each stage being a spot on the galaxy / local star map that you pick from. I wasn't sure about any sort of story but figured that if I threw enough up, it would be fine. Progression is item-based: The more advanced stages give better stuff and being able to beat those stages satisfactorily should require better gear.

So far, I got down most of the editing features. A little more work needs to be done to allow ship "blueprints" to be saved to and loaded from file, but that depends on a menu from which to choose from. Which hasn't already been made yet since I intend that menu to be the ship selection screen as well. Which is supposed to be fully graphical.
Much more work remains to be done before I can announce my total failure to make any additional progress, it seems

Animated screenshot of the ship editor, showing that pieces can be moved and recolored
Yeah, I'm aware that the right bar is a little bugged. That has since been fixed. And yes, the editor will let you overprovision your ship. It shouldn't let you save the blueprint, though. Also, the only reason why I posted this topic now was because I threw in the spinning preview on a lark, as I was already using the rotate sprite routine to draw a shrunken sprite without needing to buffer it someplace else first... and thought that it looked real cool.

EDIT: Moved screenshot to link to avoid tanking aging computer systems (like my old potato laptop). Most of the features demonstrated in that screenshot can be found in the screenshot in this post.
This looks great!
Looks fantastic, love the sheer ability to customise and of course the rotating preview Very Happy.
Since the last post, added:

* Ship select menu
* Ship blueprint copy and rename
* Ship blueprint reload and saving (from editor)

TODO: Design stage select and gameplay

Image showing features mentioned in the update

Notes: This part would've gone much faster if I did file i/o right. But I did it wrong and spent far too long debugging various things. I also spent too much time on the menus, but that was because I wanted to get that one right. I used this color picking tool to find a good color to use for the header. The ship select menu used to be a bit more busy but I slimmed down each menu option to make better use of white space and to give it a much cleaner look. They used to look like this:

Test image showing prior look of ship select menu as it was spec'd on paper
Fantastic job Iambian! You're basically making the JPL I always wanted to create but don't have the skills for. Razz
Keep it up!
This is looking incredible so far. I'll definitely download it as soon as you release it. If you need any help with it, just let me know. I'd be happy to alpha/beta test as well.
TheLastMillennial wrote:
Fantastic job Iambian! You're basically making the JPL I always wanted to create but don't have the skills for. Razz
Keep it up!

Yeah, Iambian is basically a GOD who just sits in the shadows, munching on cherries and producing masterpieces 💖💖💖
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