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Recently I've been working on a VT100 emulator for the CE. I've connected it to my computer using my serial library and two serial adapters to record the above demo. Currently, it can take user input of letters, numbers, symbols, arrow keys, "ctrl" keys (e.g. ^C), and the delete key, send said data to a serial device, receive data from a serial device, print ASCII characters, and parse ESC and CSI escape sequences and handle the most commonly used ones.
I still need to implement the remaining CSI sequences, handle the G0 and G1 character sets properly, support graphics attributes / colors, add proper cursors, and add a way to input the Tab and Backspace keys, as well as some other stuff I'm probably forgetting.

The code is available on my GitHub, though it won't work properly without a fix that I made for usbdrvce which I will add to the toolchain soon.
I am DrDnar and I approve of this use of FontLibC.
Nice work! Keep it up
Telnet83 rides again!

This seems useful to the point that I might actually consider using it if I needed a portable terminal emulator (if I owned a CE Razz).
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