I've try to write this code:

#include "ti83pce.inc"
 .assume ADL=1
 .org userMem-2
 .db tExtTok,tAsm84CeCmp

  ld bc, $0000

  push BC
  ld a, $00
  call _GetCSC
  cp a, skEnter
  jp nz, Touche

Similar to some tutorials, but i get the "RAM cleared" problem...
Did somebidy know why ?
#cemetech wrote:
[14:27] <PentiumII> ROstvoid: what's that `ld bc,0 \ push bc` for?
[14:42] <saxjax> [ROstvoid] Pentium, I was thinking doing more code after that, ie it may be part of a loop
[14:44] <saxjax> [ROstvoid] Pentium: In fact it should be dot and knot, the 0000 representing whois about playing
[14:46] <PentiumII> when you exit, the stack has to be where it started
[14:47] <PentiumII> right now, the program has $0000 on the stack when you do the final ret, so it jumps to address 0000 and crashes
[14:47] <PentiumII> remove that `ld bc,0 \ push bc`, or add a `pop bc` before the final ret, and see if that works
[14:56] <saxjax> [ROstvoid] Pentium: Itry it, it work !
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