0.0.04a has been released. The main focus has been switching the parser to a PLY-based parser (PLY is included), but code for some operations on matrices and lists was added. As usual, do not assume anything works until you have tried it.
Sorry to the people who wanted buttons to push rather than being forced to enter expressions into a text box...

The parser is misconfigured (doh!), so be prepared for unexpected results. (Although I didn't find any with the short test script I've got)
Excellent. What yuou forgot to mention, though, is this:

Edit: Hmm, nothing there....
That shouldn't be T83, but thanks for pointing out the omission >.<
proegssilb wrote:
That shouldn't be me, no, but thanks for pointing out the omission >.<
Ah, there we go. I was searching for it as you posted that.
Yeah, I haven't uploaded a website yet....
Not even a redirect.... /me checks how to send a redirect header in PHP
You can send a php redirect like this:
header("Location: http://www.url.com");
Thank you. Just put in a dummy page redirecting to SF's builtin.... Confusing for those who just came from the main project page, but oh well....
Just so you know, you are redirecting to https:// instead of http:// - might want to change that Wink
Clarify on how that is a problem and I might. I thought it made sense to redirect to https:// because SF does a boatload of stuff with https://, and seems to use http:// as a fallback.
Its overkill and provides an extra layer of complexity that doesn't need to be there. You aren't transfering anything secure, so why use https? It also won't work for any webbrowser that doesn't support SSL (for example, some embedded webbrowsers in handhelds like PDAs and the PSP don't like https).

And the only stuff sf does in https is when you are logged in Wink
I changed it, for better or worse.
proegssilb wrote:
I changed it, for better or worse.
Indeed, I noticed that myself and was considering donig something about it, but I figured Proegssilb might have a reason for using https/
0.0.05a released... Primarily fixes, but that doesn't mean it works.
0.0.06a released. Two features added: (1)Ability to define functions (eg, 'fucall(A)=2A') (2) The updated GUI (hitting enter while using the textbox should work, added a keypad)
I *just* finished releasing it, so do consider waiting a while before donwloading; Currently, there's three mirrors, two of which are in Europe. An hour should be a long enough wait.

Run the file 'Tablet83Gui.py' in order to get the GUI.
If you extract to the same folder as a previous installation, I'd recommend cleaning it out first; the wrong file might be used otherwise, causing any number/type of errors
Wow, I'm surprised that you finally got the sourceforge site! Congrats! When can we expect to see a beta?
jpez wrote:
When can we expect to see a beta?

I was thinking after graphing (possibly program support?) get some attention.
I've been doing alpha after alpha because, in my mind, beta requires close to full feature set.
If people want me to release betas that don't have the full feature set, but work pretty well for what they are intended to do, I'll work on it.
I tend to think of it in terms of stability: alpha = crashy, beta = debugged, final = perfect (as much as possible).
you might want to do what i am doing, evey main feature addition add a new full release, though you would make that new beta then final.
Glenn wrote:
you might want to do what i am doing, evey main feature addition add a new full release, though you would make that new beta then final.

I would have gone through ten releases already then. Very Happy

Kerm, I was thinking about going back through the releases and checking them for stability, possibly marking the better ones as betas, but I thought that wasn't quite a valid use of the system...
I'm sure people will comment if they have a strong enough opinion.
0.0.07a released an hour ago. The almost only change is I added a fair number of buttons to the GUI.
As far when there will be a beta, I'm going to go through and add a ton of test script(s), but I need people's feedback on the GUI...
There has already been a bug found in the parser. The easiest sign of a bug is if GUI 'hangs' for an unusually long time. Running calcMan.py (the command-line interface) can also help; look for a traceback at the end of the ouptut...
No one said I had this release mostly done, right? Good.
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