Is it possible to change the color of an index in a custom palette?

The convpng.ini file I use creates a custom palette using the colors which I used in my sprites. However, this means colors like black and green disappear, and I really want to be able to use them. When I add some green pixels in my sprites, the green color takes a seemingly random position:

Is there anyway to manually customize the palette to feature some colors in specific indices?
From the readme:


#FixedIndexColor : <index>, <red>, <green>, <blue>, (<name>)

This is used to add a fixed color to the palette which will be preserved at the specified index. This is useful to not allow the palette to shift colors around.

If name is specified, a macro will be created for using the color. For example, adding #FixedIndexColor: 2, 255, 255, 255, WHITE_COLOR to a group named all_gfx in convpng.ini would add the line #define WHITE_COLOR 2 to all_gfx.h.
You could maybe use less extremely similar yellows and oranges, and then it might include the blacks and greens

I could also be completely wrong
Thank you, Runer!
Do you perform any colour reduction in your graphics software prior to running the image through convpng? As Pieman stated, a lot of your colours appear to be extremely similar - do you have a source image for us to look at?
The colors are extremely similar because I just drew something in without worrying too much about it. It wouldn't work anyway, because I'd have to restrict myself to only 7 colors if I wanted green to remain in index 0x07.
But the issue is solved, and the extra colors aren't a problem when I still have half of the palette available for the few colors I want.
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