A few days ago, I was writing a quadratic solver on the calculator in BASIC. I ran it from Cesium and the first thing that happened was that the first variable prompt displayed several lines down from the top where it should have been with a small, solid black box in front of it. The box moved with the caret if I tried to type anything. Each time I hit enter, the next prompt displayed where the previous one had been. When the program exited, the screen went black. After a second, blue pixels appeared at random on the right half of the screen. A few seconds later, it blacked out again. I tried turning it on and off, but to no avail. Finally, I reset the calculator and got the RAM Cleared message.

I have crashed my calculator several times by running ICE programs that I've made and have had several odd side effects from that. So, I reset my memory and put everything back on the calculator. I made a test program with a input command, and the prompt appeared on the bottom half of the screen again with the black box. I hit on, opted to quit, and the screen blacked out again. Same odd graphic display, same forced reset.

Next, I resent the OS (5.3.1) and reinstalled Cesium. I made another test program, experienced the same misplaced prompt, and it crashed/froze again.

Since then I have not put anything on the calculator except for BASIC programs. So far, nothing has gone wrong, but I am worried about what has happened.

If anyone could tell me what has happened, and whether or not it is fixable, I would very much appreciate it!

EDIT: After running Self-Test, problem was resolved.
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