Hello guys!
Over the past 2 or 3 days, Iíve been working hard on a launcher for my 2D Minecraft CE project!
So far, all I got is a basic menu graphic, almost like 2D Minecraft CE menus themselves! Except, the buttons in this launcher will look more-like actual Minecraft stone-looking buttons!

This launcher will have amazing graphics and amazing speed in mind! This launcher will ONLY work with 2D Minecraft CE!
It features several options, most of which arenít available in 2D Minecraft CE! Some feature include importing 2D Minecraft CE texture pack appvars, importing skins and skin pack appvars (when I add skins and skin pack support in 2D Minecraft CE v4.0.1.001 in-dev beta), changing world options and settings, and more!

EDIT (2):
Iím sorry for not posting a screenshot, school work was in the way Sad I also forgot to finish the buttons by adding text in them! I feel stupid now lol. But all jokes aside, fortunately I have started adding a way to add text to the buttons (buttons are drawn when the Lbl DRAWBUTTONS is called).
When I finish the buttons stuff, Iíll add a basic button/option selection routine with getkey, so an option can be chosen, then Iíll finally post a screenshot of the first menu implemented! It shouldnít take too long...

How the Options/buttons will work:
So, all the optionsí text are saved in a single String, Str0. An example of it is: ď[first optionís text]{[second optionís text]{[and so on...]Ē→Str0. Each option is separated with a Ď{Ď.
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