I want to buy a TI calculator and the 83PCE is cheaper than 84+CE but the interface and the keyboard is on French. Is there a way to install OS with English or can I just select a different language in the original OS? (I won't buy a python edition and the keyboard isn't really a problem)
You can change the OS language to English in the Mode menu. You can't really do anything about the keys though.
Ok, thanks!
But why wouldn't you buy a Python Edition? Very Happy Also, does anyone know if you can set the Python Edition to English too?
Yes, you can also set the Python edition to English as they use the same OS.
What I'd try to do is paint over the keys, then re-write the translations, but that might be a bit of a daunting task...
Actually, i dont really need to paint over the keys. I could buy a python edition though.
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