I have been working on templates for using graphics and stuff in fasmg for the TI-84+CE.
This thread will be for my questions, progress reports, and documentation on macros and functions that will be included with the eventual release.

This is a WIP. I eventually hope for this to make the step to Assembly programming [a lot] easier!

Currently I am using the graphics routines used in Cesium, but I plan to use GraphX and FileIOC for the final release.

There are already a number of macros!


printString string
printStringXY string, x, y
setTextXY x, y
fillScreen color
setTextFGColor color
setTextBGColor color
setColor color
getTextX ;stores to HL
getTextY ;stores to B
putRectangle x, y, width, height
putFilledRectangle x, y, width, height
putSprite sprite, x, y
putSprite2x sprite, x, y

Memory/string manipulation:


uppercase string, string_output ;return string_output in HL
lowercase string, string_output ;return string_output in HL
strcpy string, string_output ;return string_output in HL
strlen string ;return length of string in BC
strset string, char ;set all the bytes of string to char, output string in HL
memset pointer, amount, data ;set amount bytes of pointer to data



;Coming soon!
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