The recent upsurge in activity and discoveries on the new Playstation Music 2000 software (A.K.A MTV Music Generator in North America) Discord server and some annoying quirks n Caustic 3 software involving transitions have revived my interest in the Music 2000 software, which came out in November 1999 on the original 1995 Playstation console. In addition to that I felt like while my newer songs were more complex, harder and sometimes still tried to recapture the feel of my older songs, the newer albums kinda lost their charm of being almost entirely made on PSOne gaming console (and in some cases PS2/Xbox, but for the new album only PS1)

As a result, I am making a brand new album entirely made with that software with no external assets nor post-processing. I am using an emulator, though, because saving songs using all the new tricks I just discovered will just result into corrupted data, and it takes too long to save on memory cards anyway, so I am using savestates. Every single song included so far either uses heavy sample editing, pitch modulation channels, abuse exploits or use other kind of trickery with samples but it's entirely possible that songs not doing so get included, especially if I am going for my very old styles from over a decade ago at some point.

So far the album includes happy hardcore, UK hardcore, frenchcore, gabber, eurodance, relaxing/ambient music and electronic power metal but might include more as I make new songs. I'm not planning to include eurobeat, though, as there are already 10,000 other eurobeat songs with identical melodies out there.

You can listen to it on Bandcamp. I might make a Youtube playlist later but many Youtube songs are older versions of the ones on Bandcamp.
Current track list:

1.Fantasy of Fantasies 02:21
2.Forever in the 90's Down Down we Go 06:25
3.Metal Spectrum Disorder 07:11
4.32-Bit Raver 05:06
5.7312 Days Gone By 06:47
6.No Freaking Tale 05:18
7.The Single Instrument Song 04:30
8.32-Bit Rekt 03:52
9.Crypto Shock 04:18
10.Modulated Fantasy 05:17
11.Pamp and Damp 03:27
14.Fantasy of Fantasy: Epilogue 04:01
15.[BONUS TRACK] Metal Spectrum Disorder (Demo Version) (bonus) 07:11
16.[BONUS TRACK] 32-Bit Raver (Demo Version) (bonus) 04:30
17.[BONUS TRACK] No Freaking Tale (Demo Version) (bonus) 05:17
18.[BONUS TRACK] The Single Instrument Song (Demo Version) (bonus) 04:29
19.[BONUS TRACK] Crypto Shock (Demo Version) (bonus) 03:08
20.[BONUS TRACK] Modulated Fantasy (Demo Version) (bonus) 04:27

This will also be part #1 of two albums, titled 32-Bit Rekt Part 1. The bonus tracks will not be available on the physical CD release.
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