Almost all of my programs I've coded by hand on my TI-84. Is this what you have found most effective? Or is it better I use the emulator from TI (have the software) or the emulator here at Cemetech?

If you have a preference, I'd like to know why.

Thanks in advance for your input.
You'll be happy to know Cemetech has two tools built into the site for both your needs!

Source Coder is an IDE for TI-BASIC. It's really useful because it has syntax highlighting, on-site saves so you can access the project from anywhere, and it can help you create sprites. Of course, it also allows you to export the program to send to your calculator.

jsTIfied is a TI-84 Plus emulator. It integrates with Source Coder so you can export the program directly to this emulator and test it online!
Thanks, TheLastMillenial. That helps me understand. Appreciate your included links.
TokenIDE has a very similar feature set to Sourcecoder and it works offline too, if you prefer.
I personally write my code on paper, and then I copy it to my calculator by hand and test it. I grew up typing on my calculator, so I'm actually more proficient on it than a different keyboard Very Happy.
TIny_Hacker, that's how I've been doing it so far. Just wanted to see what is out there and try something new for a larger-scale program.

Tari, thanks for that, too. Am looking into it.

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