I am working on a game that's basically minecraft on a sphere. You can traval in one direction and end up at your starting location, and the ground curves away under you, so for example you would be able to see the top of a mountain before the bottom. The end goal is to have a game that's a mix of minecraft and kerbal space program.

Ofcourse, due to the fact that you can't perfectly project squares onto a circle, there are some interesting effects near certain areas of the map:
Wow, even just this is really cool!
Holy crap, that's amazing...

Now you need more screens!
This sounds like an incredibly fun concept. I'd be particularly intrigued if you could use one of the tessellation solutions for covering the surface of a sphere with regular shapes to distribute the edge problem (or perhaps uses non-cuboid blocks)? Can't wait to see what this is like with some terrain!
Looks awesome!

Yeah I guess using non-cuboid blocks would be a way to solve the issue, though at height this could get interesting...
I like this a lot.
You could use spherical shell segments instead of cubes, although that would certainly complicate the math a lot
Thanks guys! I have a very long way to go before the game is any ware near "playable". I still need to implement:
*Multi threading
*World Generation that actually looks nice
*Moving between planets and proper rendering of far-away planets.

Speaking of world generation though:
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