A backslash followed by a double quote will show up as-is in the post preview, but will appear as just the double quote in an actual post. Seems like some weird escaping behavior. Example: "

Here's what Kerm had to say about it in IRC:

14:41:18 <•KermPhD> Just so. Okay, so our system is replacing '\"' with '"', which actually makes sense to me.
14:41:25 <•KermPhD> so \\" -> '\"'
14:45:57 <•KermPhD> Interestingly, it's only happening in the stored post, not in the preview.
14:46:12 <•KermPhD> So the layer that puts things into the database, not the layer that processes BBCode, is to blame.

This behavior does not occur in code blocks.
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