Hi there, I've been very interested in flash games for the Ti 84 series. And I've wanted to learn how to create my own games. Background: I like to code/program with HTML and some C++
Where do I start? I've seen in Cesium that it can identify a program's language.
If you like HTML and C++, you may prefer using the CE C SDK, which is available below. Once you install it, you can find examples on how to do different things from graphics to keyboard input. Feel free to ask any questions you have here; I'm sure plenty of people would be more than willing to answer.


Alternatively if you perfer on-calc programming, you may try taking a look at ICE Compiler. It uses the same libraries as C, and is more suited for people who have a solid understanding of the TI-Basic language.

Good luck, and welcome! Smile
Thank you very much!
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