How many calculators do you own?
 14%  [ 4 ]
Two or Three
 25%  [ 7 ]
Four - Seven
 22%  [ 6 ]
Eight - Twelve
 18%  [ 5 ]
Thirteen+ (specify in replies)
 18%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 27

This poll is to see what you guys have out there. I know that there are a lot of you with multiple calculators, so answer this poll, and if you haven't already, you can post your calculator collection in this forum:

If you also want, you can post a picture of your calculator collection. (or in the forum link above).

If you have 0 graphing calculators, then you can let us know down in the replies.

You can count calculators that you have had in the past, calculators that have been taken apart, or that are broken. All calcs count. You can also specify in the replies how many "not working/missing" calculators you have.

Let's see what you have. Cool Cool Cool
Duplicate of Post Your Calculator Collection.
MateoConLechuga wrote:

I know, I know. But this forum gets to the point. The link I provided is the calculator collection forum, if you didn't notice that.

The calculator collection forum makes members read paragraph after paragraph, but this forum is supposed to summarize all of that under one poll result. The goal is simplicity.
wHeRE's mY ZeRo OptIOn?

In all seriousness, do basic/old scientific calculators count? Because I have a few of those unused.
I have 161 electronic calculators (a lot of older ones).
I have 274 manual calculators (slide rules).
ShinyGardevoir wrote:
wHeRE's mY ZeRo OptIOn?

In all seriousness, do basic/old scientific calculators count? Because I have a few of those unused.

I see. Well, thank you for letting me know.
dave1707 wrote:
I have 161 electronic calculators (a lot of older ones).
I have 274 manual calculators (slide rules).

Wow. Did you post your calculator collection in the calculator collection forum? We would be impressed to hear about all of your calculators.
dave1707 wrote:
I have 161 electronic calculators (a lot of older ones).
I have 274 manual calculators (slide rules).

How do you count all of them? Neutral

I did post my collection in calculator collection, but that was before I really got going. So here’s a list of my current calculator collection.

161 Calculators

Aurora SC150 

Calendar Calculator HSD206A

Canon Canola L813
Canon DK10i l
Canon LC-25H
Canon LC-320H
Canon LS-120TS
Canon P100-DH II 
Canon Palm Printer P1-DH V
Canon TS-1200TG

Casio 801-MR
Casio CM-100
Casio CFX-9850GB Plus 
Casio Digital Diary    SF-3905A 32K
Casio Digital Diary    SF-3305A 128K
Casio DJ-120D
Casio dx-7400G Plus Power Graphic
Casio fx-81
Casio fx-115 ES
Casio fx-115 ES Plus
Casio fx-115 M
Casio fx-115 MS
Casio fx-115 W
Casio fx-250 Dt
Casio fx-250 HC (2)
Casio fx-260 Solar
Casio fx-300 ES
Casio fx-300 MS
Casio fx-300 W
Casio HR-5
Casio HS-8V 
Casio LC-501
Casio MS-70L
Casio MS-80B
Casio MS-80TE
Casio MS-80TV
Casio OH-260
Casio SL-100L Dual Leaf
Casio SL-300 SV (2)
Casio vx-300

Commodore 776M
Commodore C8 
Commodore US10 
Commodore GL-979D 

Franklin Language Master
Franklin Spelling Ace
Franklin Wordmaster Deluxe

HP 10B Business (2)
HP 20S Scientific
HP 48G

LeWorld (no number)
LeWorld 250 
LeWorld 750

LLoyds Accumatic 305

Radio Shack Cat-No 65-1009
Radio Shack EC-226
Radio Shack EC-279
Radio Shack EC-328
Radio Shack EC-409
Radio Shack EC-430
Radio Shack EC-2006A
Radio Shack EC-2028
Radio Shack EC-4005

Royal DM134
Royal XE36

Scenario FC-500
Scenario SC-121

Sharp EC-804
Sharp EL-240
Sharp EL-323
Sharp EL-326S
Sharp EL-386L
Sharp EL-480G
Sharp EL-501V
Sharp EL-5020 Programmable 
Sharp EL-506D
Sharp EL-509
Sharp EL-509LH
Sharp EL-510S 
Sharp EL-531D
Sharp EL-8131
Sharp EL-879L

Teal SR-58

TI BA 35
TI Business Analyst-II
TI Business Edge
TI LCD Programmer 
TI Little Professor
TI Math Explorer  (4)
TI Math Marvel
TI Nspire
TI Programmable 59 (2) 
TI PS-3660i PDA
TI SR-10
TI SR56 Programmable 
TI 108 (2)
TI 15
TI 1706+
TI 1706SV (2)
TI 1795
TI 1795+
TI 1795SV
TI 1798
TI 2500 Datamath
TI 30 STAT Scientific
TI 30X (2)
TI 30XA  (3)
TI 30X IIB (2)
TI 30X IIS (4)
TI 30XS MultiView
TI 306
TI 34
TI 34 MultiView (2)
TI 35 Constant Memory
TI 35 Plus
TI 35X Scientfic
TI 36 Solar (2)
TI 36X Solar
TI 36X Solar Scientific
TI 503SV (2)
TI 55 II
TI 60 Programmable Scientific
TI 81 
TI 82
TI 83 
TI 83 Plus
TI 84 Plus Silver Edition
TI 85
TI 86
TI 89 (2)
TI 89 Titanium  

Qama Samson
Quilters FabriCalc
I own 4:
-TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition
-TI-84 Plus CE
-Casio fx-CG10
-HP Prime

I used to own 29, though.
Doh I need to change my vote, I thought I only had 12 ... but I have 15:

TI-83 x 2
TI-83+ x 2
TI-84+ SE x 2
TI-84+ CSE
TI-84+ CE
TI-Nspire CAS
Over 150?
Most are from 2-3 teacher sets (all the same revision of the same few calcs, so not particularly interesting) but the more interesting ones are on my profile. I often post in the collections thread when I get something interesting. My collection is continuously expanding though, so its hard to keep track of the actual number of calcs. Here's a list of the distinct models of TI graphing calcs that I have just for fun:
    TI-73 Explorer
    TI-80 ViewScreen
    TI-82 ViewScreen
    TI-82 Plus
    TI-83 Plus
    TI-83 Plus Silver Edition ViewScreen
    TI-84 Plus
    TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition
    TI-84 Plus CE
    TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
    TI-Nspire CAS+
    TI-Nspire CX CAS
    TI-Voyage 200
I own 3

Ti84+CE (Broken ATM)
Ti Nspire
What happened to your CE?
Dropped it down the stairs... Now she does nothing and the charge light does not go off when charging.
I sold some, and got some more, so I think I have about a hundred at the moment. It's been a while since I have taken an inventory (I had 92 in 2013):

Around 28 graphing calculators at the time of this writing:
* I bought the first 5 ones by myself;
* then, I picked up 15 from Romain Liévin after becoming the libti*/gfm/tilp maintainer;
* IIRC, critor gave me 3 Nspire Clickpad-class calculators, at least one is a prototype. I gave one of these three to Bernard Parisse to replace his broken Clickpad CAS so that he could keep working on KhiCAS;
* the new models since 2011, namely the CX CAS, 84+CSE, 82A and 83PCE are from TI, like a number of calculators previously used by Romain;
* I bought a used Prime G1, on which I made the first third-party useless firmware experiments;
* Bernard Parisse let me choose a calculator from his set of boxed gifts when I brought him the Nspire, I chose a 50g.

This year, I'll receive at least a member of the CX II series. If I receive a 83PCE EP as well, then I'll reach the figure of 30 graphing calculators.

Among the calculator accessories, I recently bought a CBL2, but it's still in transit.

I did all of my NumWorks development without owning one, likewise for the TI-Python Adapter firmware work - I don't have a compatible ATSAMD21-based board either.
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