Hi guy's i want know that how i convert Mpa(megapascal) unit to kg/m2
on hp prime graphing calculator
It send error to me
If somebody has this function please tell me
I think you just had a simple capitalization error. The Prime accepts MPa (capital M and P) as Mega Pascals, but not Mpa.

Final calculation should look something like
No budy, I had mistake in the text, actually i used the Pa for Pascal from Pressure menu
and i want certainly use from (kg/m²) not (kg/m*s²) but this calculator does not accept it
I need so necessary this unit conversion for the exam
I used from
But they did not work
If you had this solution give me that
They will not work as they measure different things.

kg/m² Is surface density, not pressure. Pascal measures pressure.

Are you thinking of N/m²? That is equivalent to kg/m*s².
Pressure is Force per area.

kg/m² is Mass per area.

1pa = 1 N/m² = 1 kg/m*s²

1Mpa = 1000000 N/m² = 1000000 kg/m*s²
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