PipesCE is a port of the game Pipes by PICO-8 creator Ximo.
Although I am still working on this version, I have decided it is far enough along to create a post.
You can view more about the game on my github.

Some improvements to the save appvar need to be added before an official release.
Additionally, there is a lot of optimizations I need to make as well.

How to Play:
In the game, you are a plumber who is tasked with putting out fires by moving various pipes to create a series of paths to extinguish all of the fires.

    - Arrow keys to move
    - Hold 2nd to pull pipes
    - Enter/2nd to go forward/accept
    - Clear to go back/quit


For anyone who would like to test out the overly large beta, head over to the releases page.
Very nice! The graphics are slick and the speed looks great!

Isn't the PICO-8 128x128 - just wondering how did you handled the resolution difference?
Thank you so much! Fortunately, the original game does not use all of the useable screen, so I had some leeway on the dimensions of levels and menus. As a result, I scale everything by 3x so each tile is drawn at a resolution of 24x24 pixels.

A somewhat unrelated question I have: is there no support for inline functions? Or is in not in this version of C?
The current release of the toolchain uses the ZDS compiler, which uses the C89 standard. Inline functions, along with several other features of C, were added in C99, which ZDS does not support.

The upcoming version of the toolchain, known as the LLVM branch, is built on the clang compiler instead, which supports C99 and C11 features, including inline functions.
This looks like a good project, keep it up!
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