About a year ago, I started a topic about my Summer Goals & Projects 2018. Looking back, I've finished everything except the programming projects & goals... However, summer is coming again, which means I probably need to construct a new list with personal goals and programming projects. We will see what this summer brings me! To quote from a few years ago:

In the past, I've found setting some specific (and realistic) goals are the best way to make sure that you feel like you had a productive summer, without making it too much of a drag. Of course, some of us are working jobs or internships and won't have the leisure for too much personal coding, engineering, and hacking, but you can still think of a fun side-project to work on. I know that almost all of us have unfinished projects or at least unrealized ideas, a topic I discussed at length in my most recent editorial. So what will it be? What programming, hacking, gaming, working, academic, and relaxing pursuits will you be attempting this summer? What do you want to have complete by the time September rolls around?

So, what about you? What plans do you have in mind? Going abroad? Finish awesome games? Going to start a new study? We'd love to hear some ideas!
#1 finish IcyCraft
Then I'm planning to make a compiled or interpreted language. I don't know which one I want to do quite yet.
And there is still work to be done on BOSshell.
Oh and I'd like to do an open world game of some sort.

I'm hoping to get most of that done within the summer Smile
_iPhoenix_ wrote:
Learn assorted languages.

I want to learn Go × and maybe a bit more Python and C++ ×

I also want to get better at golfing in JS.

Edit: Also, finishing other assorted JS projects. ×

2/4, not bad Rolling Eyes

This upcoming year, I want to:

  • Finish or make significant progress on at least two major programming projects.
  • Do some collaborative projects with other Cemetechians (one at a time, preferably- don't fill up this thread asking to work with me haha)
  • Maybe write a calc program or two?
  • Get better (this is the wrong term, it assumes I have any prior experience) at using various web libraries, ex. Bootstrap
  • On top of this, I'd like to not fail all my classes/maintain "good" grades.
I've been working on developing my digital art and 3D animation/modeling skills since the beginning of 2019, so I'll be continuing all my experience-gathering with that stuff.

I've also got a large amount of video games that I've been wanting to play, but haven't had time because of school and all that.

I'll also be gathering experience in programming, as I always am.

So yea, 4D video games, 3D modeling/animation, 2D digital art, and 1D programming.
I'm kidding about the 4D and 1D part :3
TBH I spend a lot of my non-summer time doing that stuff, but I'll have lots more time to do that kind of stuff during summer without school.
Maybe I'll finish KryptonIDE
Well my summer goal is to finish Minecraft cE. That might not happen though :/
At this point, I'm studying for AP's, so not much time to think about summer...

At most, try and get my private pilot's license...
Do you play Infinite Flight @SM84CE. Also I want to get my ppl as well
Learn a lot more about programming and programming languages. Probably will start out with C for 68k calcs and the CE and then will move on to z80, ez80, 68k, and 6502 assembly. Very Happy

Edit: Also fixing my TI-85 and TI-82 and cleaning up my TI-89.

Edit 2: Get onto a regular video production schedule for YouTube
1. Finish my CC22 entry! Laughing
2. Finish HDpic project
3. Get into a more regular YouTube upload scheduled. Instead of a video every month (if that), I'd like to do one every two or three weeks. I've got a bunch of video ideas, I just have to actually, write, shoot, and edit the footage/ script!
4. Work on getting a backlit keypad on my CE

I'd like to rewrite a few projects:
1. Too Many Boats (BASIC) into Too Many Trains (ICE)
2. Scarth (one of my favorite BASIC games) into ICE
*It's winter in Australia ... so no real goals at the minute besides life/work - and maybe some minimal calc coding Smile.
timedia wrote:
Do you play Infinite Flight @SM84CE. Also I want to get my ppl as well

I use MS FSX with a *crappy* joystick, I'll either get my PPL and not touch FSX till I get better controls, or get controls and then get my PPL. I'm in a ground school course in my AFJROTC, so that counts toward my actual GS requirement as well
In addition to the projects I previously added to my to-do list, I might try to write a World-of-Goo-esque game for the CE. I also plan on getting back into technical Minecraft, as I kinda quit doing that recently as I have been really busy.
I don't really have concrete goals for summer, but I do want to learn ez80 at some point. I just need to find the right time to start. Confused

And before that I must also finish the few projects I'm working on, so I'll have something to do the next few months.
Building up my blog, starting a youtube channel soon, brainstorming business ideas, working on my finances, going on adventures and photography missions, probably taking over the world too at some point... and oh, maybe tinkering with Fruit Ninja CE a bit.
SM84CE wrote:
timedia wrote:
Do you play Infinite Flight @SM84CE. Also I want to get my ppl as well

I use MS FSX with a *crappy* joystick, I'll either get my PPL and not touch FSX till I get better controls, or get controls and then get my PPL. I'm in a ground school course in my AFJROTC, so that counts toward my actual GS requirement as well

Lol I use X-Plane 11 without joystick (I use an Xbox controller) or Infinite Flight without a joystick whatsoever. I like the looks of Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition's multiplayer (cuz of AFP 95).
Having goals for the summer is a good idea...
So here's my list (Top is highest priority, bottom is lowest. I'm hoping to get everything on the list done, especially the first and second items.):
1> Finish designing the game I've been planning/designing for a month.
I have a lot of the ideas for the game done, but I still need to design the engine. I'll need to decide which language I'm going to be making it in, I'll probably choose Java because I'm comfortable with it.
2> Program the engine for that same game
This shouldn't be too difficult once I've already planned it out.
3?> Learn OpenGL
I may consider doing this if I still have the motivation to do so once I complete everything else on the list.
I only want to win ADOM. This is all I aim for
I would like to finish:

I would like to make significant progress on:
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