I have written a complete rewrite of ICE Sprite Creator by CalcMeister (Sam).

Download (v2.1.0/Update pending, v2.2.0)

Rebuilt from the ground up in ICE, several new things have been added, including:
    ▪ The ability to read from/write to ALL OS strings - COMPLETE
    ▪ The ability to create Cesium icons - COMPLETE
    ▪ Two new draw commands: Line and Rectangle - COMPLETE
    ▪ The ability to type in the sprite dimensions instead of clicking them in - COMPLETE
    ▪ An undo feature - COMPLETE
    ▪ Instant saving/loading of sprites (no more scrolling through numbers) - COMPLETE
    ▪ A polished menu system - COMPLETE
    ▪ A failsafe recovery feature - COMPLETE
    ▪ Icon to Sprite conversion - COMPLETE
    ▪ Sprite/Icon Color Picker - COMPLETE

EDIT: I have fixed the constant GarbageCollect bug. Autosave has been removed and replaced with the more practical quicksave

All credit for the main features/GUI goes to CalcMeister (Sam).

P.S. I triggered the RAM clear on purpose
Wow that is really cool. I am inspired to now create a game in ice.
Well, it seems like you had the balls to do what I’ve put off for years, lol. There are a couple things I was going to add in a potential remake, however, and that would be custom palette creation and saving to Appvars for later edits. I can add these if you’d like, if you have a git repo up or something.
Nice! Although CalcMeister is Sam, so you might want to change that Wink
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