The title is pretty self-explanatory Razz
Is there a lookup table for ASM routines for the TI-84 Plus CE in hexadecimal?
It would make programming ASM on-calc way easier.
This is a horrible idea Smile
You should use some form of assembler, like spasm or fasm-g to compile your source into a binary.

Writing hex codes on your calculator would be a huge pain because of how assembly works, namely jumps.

The assembler lets you have labels, which are specific points in your program that you can jump to.

Assembly has relative and static jumps. Inserting or adding code to your program would require you to manually edit each of the jump instructions. If you missed one, your program would crash, causing you to lose your source if you didn't archive it.
I'll admit that at one point about a year ago, I printed this sheet out and attempted to do assembly on-calc. I'll also admit that I made absolutely zero progress using this method. What actually helped me learn assembly was using an assembler, and an existing project (namely, ICE hooks) for reference. I also learned a good deal about how the processor and memory work beforehand while writing C.

I don't recommend that you use ICE hooks as a reference though. Maybe try some of the example programs on this repository.

EDIT: also use UM0077.pdf for reference, it explains what the opcodes do in detail.
Page 375 of UM0077.pdf really helped.

P.S. I know this is a bad idea. I was just trying it. Razz

EDIT: I'm not quite sure what 'dd' means as a byte
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