Going through the ti84pce.inc file that I have, I noticed the following.

_SetTextFGBGcolors equ 0021AE0h
_SetTextFGBGcolors_ equ 0021AE4h

What is the difference between both these system calls
Note: I found some documentation for the later at on the site http://wikiti.brandonw.net/index.php?title=84PCE:Syscalls:021AE4
They are duplicate functions. They both call the same routine.
it would seem that _SetTextFGBGcolors_ disregards the foreground color from DE and only renders the background color from HL.

How do you go about disassembling one of these routines in general?
I generally use the disassembly dock in CEmu for investigating OS calls. You can load the equate file and then type the equate name in the Goto field. You can also set a breakpoint there so you can see what is in your registers an memory before and after the call.
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