Calling all designers/builders who want a fun project to work on some ships for the Star Trek PvP events (coming soon). Specifications for the builds are as follows:

= A ship within the dimensions of 300 long, 150 wide, and a variable but reasonable height. Exceptions for the Death Star, but try to stay within 300 cubic blocks.
= The ship can be based on any ship from Star Trek or Star Wars or spinoffs of those shows, like Discovery or Orville, or another recognizable sci-fi space-like show.
= The ship is to be designed with Version 1.13, not Version 1.14. Later on you may choose to submit an update using 1.14 blocks but for now, use 1.13.
= When your build is complete, please export it into a worldedit schematic, using worldedit or mcedit. Do not give us a world download or a screenshot. We need schematics.

Ships will be scored using a rubric based on:
= External design, resemblance to what it's based on, OR simply quality of design.
= Internal design, Ease of navigation, effectiveness as a PVP environment.

You may work solo, or with other players!
The three winning builds will be the first to be played with over the first 3 matches (each versing the default Enterprise-based ship). Additionally, some prizes may be awarded.
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