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Suggesting using a different shell? BLASPHEMY!

Do you have the ability to reset RAM and start fresh (assuming you can afford to lose data on calc). Or perhaps back up important programs etc first?
I'll try that; I'll be sure to get back to you about it.

EDIT: Nope, it didn't work. The exact same thing happened as before: Doors CS 7.2 crashed my calc, I ran TWHGame, DCS crashed again, I ran LCDFIX, and now I'm right back to square one.
So, one of the things that's terribly unclear here is your assertion that Doors CS 7.2 crashed your calculator. Can you enumerate the steps that make it crash your calculator?

Edit: Also, if ALCDFIX didn't fix your LCD, that makes me worry that your ribbon cable might be degrading.
Here is basically what I did,
1. Download the application.
2. Run the application.
3. Screen looks like it came out of DDLC (brownie points if you get that reference); I panic and push every single button on the keypad, causing random places on the screen to move around.
4. Realize I can't push [2nd] [QUIT], remove and replace batteries.

I can't really figure out whether it's a problem with the software itself and it somehow got corrupted when I downloaded it, or I just have a really crappy calculator.
How does it refrence Doki Doki Literature Club?
ShinyGardevoir wrote:
How does it refrence Doki Doki Literature Club?

This. ^

Hi, I am having the exact same issue. I followed your instructions and managed to navigate to and press retune by vaguely finding my cursor on the corrupted screen. However, when I press Retune, nothing happens except for something that flashes for a split second.

Above is what my screen looks like before I press Retune. If you closely at the top right, you can see my cursor hovering over the "un" of "Retune".
I'm having this issue too. I have tried running ALCDFIX too, with no luck. It's a brand new TI-84+ with 2.55MP preinstalled. I have figured out how to navigate the glitchy screen to execute programs at the top of the TI-OS Program Menu, so is there a way to use an assembly language program to run the Retune feature?
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