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I added some basic animations to make the battle screen look better:

More importantly, I realized that I accidentally put a < instead of a > so almost every attack was a critical hit. You will now deal about 40% less damage per attack.

I also added animations to the water sprites:

Here is a town map I made. The world will change as I actually make the areas and more detail will be added, but that gives you a general idea of my plans.

These are some great updates! I like the new ideas you're using.
Maybe adding the option to pause and save for later, because sometimes the trainer battles are way too long. I went up against a Dratini, and it paralyzed my pokemon, and kept on paralyzing it. The battle took about 5-10 minutes. In the end it took about 20 min to get past the diglett cave, which was beyond my expected 5.
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