I am making a side-scroller shooter where your stats are based on the color combination of your character, and you have to fight people to get money to unlock more colors and the ability to use more different colors at once. I am not sure if I will be making it with predefined levels or randomly generated levels depending on how long this takes I would like to include both. I have a screenshot of the general look of the character editor though it will eventually have more options than just drawing.

The numbers are the percent of pixels that color. If you have any suggestions for stats I should include and what color it should correspond with I'm open to suggestions.
Very cool idea! Although you might want to edit your post so



Also there's a typo for strength.
I added the main menus and switched from 8*16 character sprite to 16*32. I also added collision and random mode which currently just makes a line with 2 blocks in the middle. Random mode currently has a 60*15 map and I'm planning for premade maps to be any length*45 but it may still change.
Screen Shots:
Main Menu

Editing character and moving around
I have not been able to work on this much but I'm hoping to get a lot done over the weekend and spring break next week, so far I have more options when editing your character, a map generator for random mode, and scrolling works now. In the character editor, you can fill an area, change between editing 1 pixel and 4(2x2 square) at a time, zoom in 2x, and revert to the sprite you started with. In random mode, the generator makes hills with all blocks within 1 spot vertically of each other and agility makes you faster when you move around. The numbers on the right are different measurements of speed and time all but maybe the FPS which would be togglable will be removed later.

Character Editor:

Random Mode:
Looks great so far. I especially like your menus. One thing I did notice, however, is that “campain” should be spelled “campaign”.
epsilon5 wrote:
Looks great so far. I especially like your menus. One thing I did notice, however, is that “campain” should be spelled “campaign”.

Maybe it's "CamPAIN" and is really difficult? Clever pun?
It was not intended as a pun I just made the menus late at night. That is an interesting idea though I'm planning on having different difficulties so maybe on the hardest, I will have it spelled that way.
My spring break just ended and I have a decent amount of progress. I have enemies working with easily customizable stats currently there are 3 enemies but I haven't got around to making sprites so they are just numbers. All the stats besides Temp affect your characters stats with the minimum health being 1, you can always jump at least 1 block up, and will always deal some damage regardless of stats. The random mode can make 3 different kinds of maps the one in the previous screenshot (brown squares), the grass and dirt one, and one with bricks. The random mode will be able to be made of the majority if not all the blocks added to the game for the campaign and hopefully a custom level maker later on. Next, I will either make the campaign mode or ranged weapons but I likely can only get one done before the contest ends so please let me know which you would prefer. In the screenshot the green number is framerate and the red number is health.

General progress:

Wow, this looks like it's coming along well! (I especially like the player sprite you designed Razz)
Keep up the good progress!
This is probably the last progress update until the contest but I will continue to work on it after the contest if it does not get finished. This version added settings that for the most part work excluding FPS limit, DPS, and disabled precise collision. The shooting was also added but it needs to be optimized a lot as it slows down the game when all the bullets are out but I'm not sure how much I will be able to help this. The max bullets out at any time are 50. Exiting and entering the character editor is now much faster. A lot of combat was redone to eventually allow custom maps and campaign so I really only need to make a level editor and loading of levels, but this probably won't be done before the deadline and if it is I definitely won't have time to make levels for campaign. I am going to submit this soon with a stable version that will be more or less what is in the previous posts but with bug fixes and a DEV version that has newer features but may be less stable and have slowdowns. I will update this if/when it is accepted to the archives. In the screenshots I know I spelled enemies "Enemys" and quality "Qualtity", but I did not feel like redoing the screenshot. Enemies are not broken (as far as I know) I just had the disabled in some of the screenshots because taking screenshots and testing the gun was not easy with them on. Disabling the high-quality graphics blits the buffer to the screen then draws enemies opposed to drawing the screen every frame and does flash but not as bad as cemu makes it seem this is meant to increase the framerate.

General Update:


Enemies working:
Nice! One thing - in the settings, "Enemys" should be "Enemies" Also, show a Yes/No instead of 1's and 0's? Helps make things polished...
SM84CE wrote:
Nice! One thing - in the settings, "Enemys" should be "Enemies" Also, show a Yes/No instead of 1's and 0's? Helps make things polished...
Thanks! I know about the enemys->enemies and qualtity->quality it is already fixed but I didn't want to redo screenshots. I'll change it to Yes/No/Value next time I work on it along with the random mode size screen looking nicer.
Heres a little nicer looking version I went with On/Off in the options. Also FPS limit works but I could have sworn I didn't fix it.
It is finally summer for me which means a lot of extra free time! I added a few new options and made the controls of the character editor a little better. The biggest changes are:

1.) You can you a custom 9 colors for your character instead of the predefined colors. Sadly this breaks compatibility with old characters but I was able to make a simple converter. Pressing trace in the character editor will bring up the menu then you can use the left/right arrows to change it or press 2nd and type a number.

2.) The character editor controls are easier to use. You can now use the selected color by pressing 2nd. the selected color can either be changed by pressing alpha and using arrows to select a color or you can use it how it was before (pressing numbers) and the last used color will be selected.

3.) This is the biggest addition by far, Campaign mode can now load levels and I have a working editor for it! I have not had a chance to make the campaign yet so I will not submit an update yet. I'm not sure how long it will take to make the levels the editor is not very good but I will try to have it done somewhat soon if I can.

There are a few more little changes I will list in the readme when I update it. If anyone would be willing to make enemy sprites I would really appreciate it they would be 16x32 and they can be any theme. I am not good with sprites so if no one would be willing to they will more than likely stay as numbers.

The readme is not updated and the programs aren't bug tested so use cemu but here is a google drive download if you want to test it. The map editor will always edit campaign and there are no levels right now. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QxNqQh-5quK0bkxgxJ9Bw6fakZOHFHPT
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